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I’m Marissa. A few years ago I uprooted my life in California and moved to London in search of the perfect cup of earl grey tea.

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I'm a serial feminist entrepreneur, and when I don't have a camera glued to my face, I’m probably chatting about politics or planning my next adventure around Europe.

California beach babe turned Londoner, cat enthusiast, entrepreneur, photographer, singer: my happiest moments are either spent in front of a mic belting out the blues or cozied up in front of my laptop dreaming up my next big project - always with tea in hand and ready to take on my world. I ADORE working from home and am your classic homebody, unless low flight prices have tempted me out of the house and into a whole new country.

In 2016, I founded the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, where I now direct our UK operations. We are a research and advocacy organization whose mission is to promote people-centered policy. In short, it means that those who are affected by foreign policy are involved in the decision making process. Simple? Yes. Is it happening? Rarely. in 2018, I brought on a co-founder, the wonderful Kristina Lunz, who opened a chapter of CFFP in Germany and is killing it.

In 2018, I quit my full time 9-5 in social media and marketing to pursue my love of photography and branding work. I took it as a good sign that when I told people I was stepping back from the certainty of a steady paycheck to pursue my passions, all said: Get it! I founded Marissa Conway Creative, a branding and design agency that works with feminist organizations to find their visual identity and voice. Think feminist branding, minus the capitalist bullshit.

My story is not a new one. A series of seemingly insignificant moments - a documentary about women's rights my friend dragged me to; an ex who didn't want their camera back; a casual conversation about how I'd like to start my own business one day - have lead me here: to London and to feminism. Like so many others, as my creativity has blossomed, so has my frustration at the limited ways "work" is understood in modern society. So I've chosen to chase beauty, kindness, and equality, and bring as many people with me on this journey as possible. 

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