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Marissa Conway Branding
Marissa Conway Branding
Marissa Conway Branding

Branding is what brings your organization to life.

The process of developing solid branding and a beautiful website means celebrating who you are and what you offer, and then confidently communicating this message with your audience. Whether you're getting your passion project off the ground or are a small business in need of a refresh, together we can create a brand that both represents the heart of your organization and builds trust with your audience. With over ten years of website and design experience and a focus on helping feminist and women-focused businesses off the ground, I'm here to help your organization find its voice.

Quite simply: I help you tell your unique and inspirational story to connect you with your audience. 


Marissa Conway Logo Design

We will dive deep into the visuals of attracting your ideal clientele to create something beautiful that will last for years to come.

Marissa Conway Website Design

Your brand isn’t complete without a beautiful and easy to use website that shows off what you do.

Marissa Conway Branding

Business cards, letterhead, and thank you cards are all a key part of enhancing your brand identity.

Marissa Style Board and Guide.png

Each project comes with a style board or guide packed with all the details about your brand, so you can keep creating on-point content without needing to hire a designer each time.

Marissa Conway Social Media Branding

Social media is a must when it comes to communicating your brand identity. I create graphic templates which can be used again and again to communicate your message.

Marissa Conway Branding Photography

As an add on, I offer brand photography to build a portfolio of beautiful images to showcase your business on your website and social media.


Marissa Conway Branding

"Marissa's work on the website and social media for the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy has not only built a recognizable brand, but has also implemented a cohesive strategy to make CFFP stand out. CFFP has gained a widespread recognition and following largely in thanks to Marissa's work on the website, branding, and social media. She is extremely savvy when it comes to understanding an audience and developing content that is appropriate, relevant, and engaging."

-Elinor McNamee, CFFP HQ PR Coordinator


"Marissa's attention to detail is demonstrated through her clear and concise understanding of branding aesthetic. She is an excellent listener and effortlessly understands the needs of the client. Every time, she develops high quality content and provides thoughtful creative direction."

-Brianna Mahon, Triarc COO and Co-Founder

Marissa Conway Branding Photography


From initial brainstorming through to the polished product, I consider every aspect of a brand's visual and verbal language to best communicate your mission and vision. Download my 2019 pricing guide here.