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A creative branding consultancy and design studio
by feminists for feminists.


Recent Projects

Marissa Conway Fireside Chat British Embassy Berlin Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy Branding Design Photography.png

For the British Embassy in Berlin, Germany:

An invitation for an event series in collaboration with the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

Marissa Conway Creative Design Centre for Intersectional Justice Report Template Design.png

For the Center for Intersectional Justice:

A report template design project to ensure on-brand consistency across all future CIJ reports

ATLAS Women Marissa Conway Creative Branding Photography Design WEbsite.png

For the online community ATLAS Women:

The full package: a logo + branding identity, website design, social media set up, merchandise design, photography

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What I Do

I help organizations amplify their voice through visual mediums to make a difference, because let’s face it, the world needs a little more magic.



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The process of developing a strong and memorable visual identity means celebrating who you are and what you offer, and then confidently communicating this message with your audience. Whether you're developing your brand from scratch or are feeling stuck as to how to market your business to better connect with your target audience, a consultation to nail down a clear strategy and get back on track might be just the trick. Together we sit down to help you map out where you’re going and how your visual identity can help you get there.


Once the strategy behind branding and marketing is set, next up is to create the content. Our content creation services include:

  • Logo design + brand identity development

  • Original photography

  • Social media design

  • Graphic design

  • Website design

  • Copywriting

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Every project is bespoke, tailored to each client. Whether you:

  • Feel like you’re scrambling to figure out how to market your business

  • Are in need of graphic design to bring your website or social media to life

  • Feel like your brand identity isn’t true to YOU

  • Are struggling to get a strategy behind your marketing efforts

    Marissa Conway Creative is here to help get your feet on the ground and fulfill your potential.

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Let’s work together

With over ten years of graphic design and marketing experience, I'm here to help you shine bright.