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Hi! I’m Marissa.

A few years ago I uprooted my life in California and moved to London in search of the perfect cup of earl grey tea. (Any recommendations?)


I founded the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy in late 2016 on the heels of a dissertation on feminist nuclear policy for my MA in Gender Studies from SOAS, University of London. As I began to pay real attention to Sweden’s recently announced feminist foreign policy (FFP), I quickly became convinced of the impact feminist values can have in making foreign policy more transparent, intersectional, and ethical. And so, CFFP was born. We are a research and advocacy organization whose mission is to promote people-centered policy. In short, it means that those who are affected by foreign policy are involved in the decision making process. Simple? Yes. Is it happening? Rarely. in 2018, I brought on a co-founder, the wonderful Kristina Lunz, and in 2019 we were named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for our work on CFFP.

Before embarking on my journey with CFFP, I worked with Freedom House, a safe house for survivors of human trafficking, Living Water, a clean water charity, and consulted as a branding and graphic design creative for organisations like ATLAS Women, Triarc, the Centre for Intersectional Justice, and embassies across Europe. I hold a BA in Political Science and a BA in Music from Chapman University in Orange County, California.

I’m also a proud Gender Champion in Nuclear Policy and a Bilingual for the 100 Questions Initiative out of The Governance Lab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Policy analysis is my jam. My head is always buzzing with ideas about feminist nuclear policy, feminist foreign policy, and US and UK foreign policy, and I frequently write and speak on these topics. I’ve been published by the University of Oxford, Chatham House, Ploughshares, and the Turkish Policy Quarterly, and regularly speak at universities, conferences, and events throughout Europe and the US. And for the more informal musings on my feminist journey or life as a Californian in London? Well, I wouldn’t be a proper millennial if I didn’t have a blog.

In a world with overwhelming injustice, we can’t go at it alone. I love to connect with other feminists on Twitter and Instagram, so please do drop a line and say hello!


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